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Kris x Ever Bilena Matte Powder Foundation

Kris Matte Powder Foundation is a collaboration between Kris Aquino and Ever Bilena. This powder foundation comes in three shades: Lasting (fair), Lifetime (medium), and Love Story (medium deep). What I got from the mystery box is the shade Love Story. CLAIMS   Expertly formulated with moisturizers and oil absorbent. Shine free and hydrated skin for hours. Natural looking coverage. PACKAGING   Black box with pink hearts (very Kris Aquino). Sophisticated looking and so sleek. However, the container itself is made of very light cheap plastic, but the overall look is really nice .  THE PRODUCT   It's a compact powder with a Kris signature stamp for seal of approval which means the product is approved by Kris herself. It's yellow undertone, thus it's perfect for Filipno skin. Love Story shade is great for morena like me but it's just a little tad bit darker for my shade right now. I probably have to wait for summer to come and this would perfectly fit my

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